How You Should Dress if You Are an Escort

The London escort industry is one that is growing every day. This means that there are new entries every morning. When planning to become an escort, you have to take your time to study what being an escort entails. It is a place that will earn some good cash, but you have to be committed and ready to impress your clients to make yourself valuable among clients.

How you dress is specifically one area that you should take your time studying. Most clients will, for example, book a date with you because of your dress code rather than the looks themselves. In short, what you wear is what sells you as a brand. Below we discuss some escort fashion ideas;

How you should dress if you are an escort:

1. Make your own identity.

Yes, it is advisable that you should consult or learn from other escorts what to wear. However, you should never dress like them. Always wear something that you feel comfortable in. Dress in that skirt that fits you well and offers you comfort. When you are comfortable, you become confident as an escort.

2. Have a good fashion taste.

Be the person who is on the internet trying to see trending fashion. It will be a turn off to most clients if they are paying some good cash, but you are wearing like another escort they met 3 years ago in Charlotte. Make sure you go with fashion. However, make sure that the clothes are classy but sexy.

3. Show some flesh.

Male clients get turned on by what they see. Being an escort is not like being in a church choir. As an escort, you must be ready to show some flesh. Do not wear clothes that cover your whole body. It is decent to cover your whole body but not for escort. However, you may cover your entire body if your clients insist so.

4. Pay great attention to your client request.

Your client is your employer. If they want you to come dressed as a nun, you should do precisely that. If they want you to go in some sexy short dress, you should do exactly that. When joining the escort world, you should be ready to be submissive in bed and dressing. Honor the request of the client. If you are uncomfortable, consider canceling the date all in all.

5. Dress to the occasion.

There is a huge difference between an in-call and an out-call. For in-calls, the client might want you to meet him or her at a hotel room. In this case, you can dress in any sexy lingerie. For out-calls, the client might want you to escort them to a cinema or dinner date, in this case, dress like a lady who is decently being taken for a date but of course be sexy.

The above are some fashion ideas that you should use as an escort to make yourself valuable.

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