Never going back

No matter what my husband do I will never go back to him? I am done with him; it took me many years to think about leaving him, until finally I got the strength to leave him. I feel good that I am finally free from him. It was not easy at first but when you are used to it you just feel like being the happiest person on earth. I think that it was wrong that I waited for too long to decided leaving him. Yet he can still have his father rights, like visiting our children. I don’t deprive him from that, he is still a father to my children’s and our kids have nothing to do without separating. So in them the love as a parent is still there. My husband had no problem with the kids. He loves them a lot. But his problem is with me, us of my children knowledge I was beaten many times especially if he is drunk. He did it many times of his life, especially if he has no money. Sometimes he used me every night even if I don’t want it at all. Every morning I was left carrying and wishing when this thing to stop. I just want him to stop being like that; I also believe I don’t deserve that kind of treatment. I am asking him every time to change his attitude but he us more frustrated to it. I feel like Ivan not treated like a wife now, I feel like being more maids to him. I cleaned the house, look for our kids, work for us, and he is just going out of his friends. Every time I reprimand him about it, he beats me. He doesn’t want me to tell him what’s wrong with him. He is very unlikely before. I never thought that he could be such monstrous now. I feel like I am not in love with him since it was replaced with anger and fear. Many times I want to escape from him but he keeps threatening me. I realized that I should never have that put in my mind and let myself continue what is to be done. I am still thankful that I was still being saved by my Cheap London escort. Being with me at that time of my life is very helpful. They give me more reasons to go be thankful of my decisions. I am freer now than before. My life has changed entirely the moment that I left my husband. It’s so good that I become a London escort because it helps me financially, and emotionally. Being London escort helps me to forget my bad experiences at the past. It also helps me to connect with people who have the same problem with me. I feel so much joy in my life. I just can’t let this opportunity to be stolen again from me. My ex-husband always come to new and sometimes books me as a London escort and not an ex-wife. But I am just being professional that I don’t talk anything too personal.

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