“As mainly a classically trained pianist, I am constantly examining and re-creating the master works of other brilliant composers and artists. In accomplishing the CD “Heart of a Child,” I was able to turn that process into a more internal and personal one, allowing for my creative skills to be used expressly for the purpose of musically projecting my own ideas. I would like to think of this method of composition as spontaneous improvisation,” since I did not score these works by hand. Each piece is a description of an emotion; a chain of related musical events evolves from my initial thoughts and feelings, and a composition is born. I must say that the birth of our children have greatly inspired me, not only in my life as a father, but as a musician and creative artist, as well. This is why I have dedicated the CD to my children, and to all children, really; although this music would certainly not be classified as “children’s music.” All pieces are purely instrumental, with the focal point being the piano. The night I wrote the last work, “Heart of a Child,” I had been looking at my two children as they were peacefully sleeping. I began to think about how pure of heart they were, and how my music is inspired by emotions deep from within the heart. For these reasons, the title of the last piece became the title of the CD as well. It is my great hope that the listener will enjoy this music as much as I enjoyed creating it, and in doing so, perhaps will awaken that child within, which has been so long ago forgotten in all of us.”

—Larry Clapp

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“Heart of a Child”

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Distant Shore
Spanish Night
Dani’s Song
Above the Clouds
Winter Games
Touch of Gospel
The Rain
Country Morning
Heart of a Child