Carl Herrgesell got Piano Lessons by Larry Clapp in Phoenix
Now famous pianist Carl Herrgesell was also privileged to get his Piano education in Phoenix by Larry Clapp. Carl Herrgesell, now world famous, also started out at the Larry Clapp Studios. He was very privileged to have the chance to take advanced piano lessons in the Larry Clapp Studio in Phoenix. Larry Clapp, nationally wellknown composer, pianist, and also recording artist, took him under his wings in a period, and taught him the great piano skills, that Carl Herrgesel is now wellknown for, both worldwide, and especially in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

In the history of pianist and piano instructor Larry Clapp, we also see names like Kenny Loggins and several other celebrities surrounding the famous Larry Clapp Studio in Phoenix.

Margaret Thatcher, Former British Prime Minister, Attends Concert
Larry Clapp, famous pianist and composer, had the rare opportunity to perform for the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her trip to the United States. Lady Thatcher responded with a letter (click on image at right to enlarge) praising the artist and thanking Larry for his gift of his now world renowned and famous in classical music, the CD, “Heart of a Child.” that has been widely acknowledged over the world among classical music listeners.

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Piano Students Accepted
A limited number of positions are available for piano students to study under the tutelage of Larry Clapp.
If you want to Learn Piano conducted by famous Pianist and Piano Instructor Larry Clapp, and you think can qualify for advanced Piano Lessons, let us know. You might be considered for our advanced training program where you have the chance to receive high qualified instruction from an award-winning pianist.
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